For community organizers

As a youth-serving organization, Host Homes is an ideal program option to add to your existing services.


This youth-focused, shelter-diversion program will help with the following:

  • Lessen the stress on already full shelters

  • Keeping low acuity youth out of the shelter system and away from the experiences that come with that

  • Enables youth autonomy with their living choices

  • Enables the caseworker assisting youth in Host Homes to personalize services for young people

  • Reduces strains on youth like having to pay for and worry about attaining basic needs so they can focus on education, employment, training, and health needs

  • Enables you to build a network of Host volunteers to strengthen between your organization and the community

  • The program is very cost effective as already existing infrastructure is being used

Discover above essential information to set up your work of building a Host Homes Program within your organization. The page is structured to highlights keys elements of your work with the youth, with the host, as well as within your own structure.


Working with Youth

Click below and learn about the steps to organize your work with the youth.


Working with Hosts

Click below and learn about the steps to organize your work with the hosts.


Adapting your structure

Click below and learn about the steps to organize your own structure to developing a Host Homes program.